Laminated Asphalt Composition Shingles

San Jose Laminated Asphalt Shingles

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Above are two examples of the most popular composition shingles we install. Both come with a Lifetime warranty. See more photos in our Portfolio.

This is probably the most popular of all roofing materials installed in the United States. Each shingle consists of a core material (fiberglass mat), a top and bottom layer of asphalt, with colored mineral granules for the surface coating.

Architectural laminated asphalt shingles consist of two or more layers that create a three dimensional look that mimics the look of wood shake.

To peruse some of the laminated asphalt shingle options Westshore Roofing offers in San Jose, please see the links below:

Owens Corning Color Chart

Owens Corning Duration Color Chart

Woodcrest and Woodmoor Color Chart

Asphalt Composition Overview

Fire Rating. Asphalt shingles’ fire resistance, like most other roofing materials, are categorized by Class A, B or C. Class A signifies the most fire-resistant; Classes B or C denote lesser fire resistance.

Warranties on asphalt shingles range from a 20 to 50 years or more and are transferable should you ever sell your home. Many manufacturers’ warranties provide full coverage for labor and materials in the first three to ten years after application. Our roofing consultants will gladly explain these in more detail when visiting you for an onsite roof estimate for your San Jose home’s new laminated asphalt roofing shingles.

Walkability. Composition shingles are installed directly on a solid wood deck over roofing felt membrane. The shingles can easily be walked on without damaging them, even if the surface is wet from a recent rainstorm.

Weight. Composition shingles are considered lightweight. An average home should be able to withhold up to 600lbs per sq. (1 sq=100sqft)..

Asphalt fiberglass composition shingles are typically manufactured in three different weights. All of these shingles carry a lifetime ltd. manufactures warranty.

The heavier-weight shingles are thicker, and have a deeper definition, providing a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

  • 240lbs/sq…….110 mph
  • 260lbs/sq…….110 mph
  • 300lbs/sq…….130 mph
  • 340lbs-480lbs/sq…130 mph

Westshore Roofing can provide you copies of manufacturers’ warranties for specific details and limitations on the laminated asphalt roofing shingles available in San Jose by Westshore Roofing.

Insulation Unfortunately, Asphalt shingle roofs provide little defense from the summer’s heat. A study conducted by the University of Texas at Arlington found that attic temperatures of a wood roofed structure were approximately 28 degrees cooler than asphalt buildings. To lower this heat build up we can install a radiant barrier “heat shield” into the roof system. This reduces attic temperature 25-30 degrees.