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MonierLifetile, a local manufacturer of concrete tile, has many styles available.

Concrete Tile Roofs in San Jose

The Energy Efficient Roof from MonierLifetile is a dramatic improvement to the way durable and beautiful tile roofs are installed. By allowing the roof to “breathe,” less heat builds up between the tile and the roof deck. As this hot air dissipates, less heat penetrates below into the attic or interior of your home- reducing the amount of heat transfer by 50%*. In fact, a MonierLifetile Energy Efficient Roof can  reduce energy consumption by as much as 22%. If you’re looking for a roof contractor in San Jose to install concrete tile roofing, Westshore Roofing is proud to offer MonierLifetile and other concrete tile roofing products. Here are some of the characteristics of concrete tile:

  • Elevated Battens: 1 x 2 Doug Fir Battens treated for mold resistance and seated on recycled plastic pads, raising the batts off of the deck which allows for the circulation of air beneath the tile. This is a key component in reducing the amount of heat gain into the conditioned air space
  • Zephyr Roll: Vented Weatherblocking with Butyl seal serves as protection against wind driven rain while allowing 8 sq. inches of venting per lineal foot.
  • Vented Bird Stop: Allows for intake of air at eave line.

Concrete tile is available in two different weights, “Standard weight” and “Light-weight.” Standard weight is typically used on new construction and light-weight used for the re-roofing market, (homes originally constructed for lighter products like wood shake or asphalt composition.) Whether it’s repair or new roofing you need in San Jose, we have concrete tile roofs and roofing products to suit your needs.

Standard weight concrete tiles weigh approximately 10 lbs per sq ft, whereas lightweight is around 5.8 lbs per sq ft. Most single family homes are constructed to withhold approximately 6 lbs per sq ft. Our roofing consultants will be able to survey your roof structure and calculate to see in any structural reinforcement is needed before installing a new concrete tile on your home. We can also arrange to have a licensed structural engineer visit your home for a more thorough survey, at a cost of $400.00. This fee will be reimbursed to you upon completion of your new MonierLife concrete tile roof. Call our San Jose roofing contractor today to get started with your concrete tile roof installation.

Concrete Tile Overview

Warranty. Fully transferable lifetime warranty.

Weight. 5-8 lbs per sq ft

Fire Rating. Class A

Walkability. With care.

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