Metal Roof Installation

San Jose Metal Roof Installation

It used to be that you only saw metal roofs on houses specially designed by architects for high-paying customers. But, they have become more and more popular on more conventional houses, which has lowered the cost significantly – although, you should still expect more than you would for a traditional composite roof. If you are thinking about metal roof installation in San Jose, Westshore Roofing can help. But first, you should consider a few things.

Myths About Metal Roofs

1. Metal Roofing Can’t Be Installed Over Your Existing Roof.  False.

metal roofIt is actually quite common for roofers to install roofing products over existing roofs, many people think metal roofing installation involves the complete tear-down and re-installing of a new roof.  You do not need to tear off shingles, which can be messy and usually raises the cost of a job. Westshore Roofing can install metal roofing over shingles using venting materials designed for this purpose. We’re happy to discuss this process with you.

2. Metal roofing is loud. False. 

Metal Roofing is not any louder than asphalt roofing, contrary to popular belief. If metal roofing is installed properly, as it will be if you have it installed by Westshore Roofing, it is just as quiet as any other type of roof. Usually, it is installed over a solid substrate, which, along with the attic and insulation, serves as a sound barrier for the metal. And, as was mentioned above, metal roofing is commonly installed over your existing roof using furring strips that further lessen any sound coming from rain hitting the roof.

3. Walking on Metal Roofing is Difficult and/or Dangerous. True

A metal roof is slippery to begin with, and becomes infinitely more slippery when wet. That’s why it’s important to have professionals, like the roofing experts at Westshore Roofing, handle the metal roof installation of your San Jose home.

4. Metal Roofs Attract Lightning. False 

Metal Roofing isn’t any more lightning-prone than a roof made of asphalt or conventional materials. And, if it does get struck by lightning, it is less combustible than most other roofing materials, like shake.

For exceptional metal roof installation in San Jose, Westshore Roofing is a great option. Give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!