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About Clay Roofing in San Jose

Clay roof tiles cost slightly more than concrete tile, but you get what you pay for in the form of a beautiful roof that will stand out. Like concrete, clay tile outlasts most other roofing materials, and manufacturers typically offer warranties of 50 years or more.  That’s why many of the historical structures in Asia and Europe have clay roofs that are still intact and functional – not to mention gorgeous – centuries later. Naturally, clay roof tiles are also very durable and capable of withstanding severe weather – not that that’s a common problem here in San Jose. The aesthetically pleasing characteristic of clay roof will increase the value of your San Jose home. For clay tile roofing installation or repair information, call Westshore Roofing today.

Clay Tile Installation

If you have construction experience you might be considering completing your own clay tile installation or repair at your San Jose home. But, keep in mind that over 96% of all tile roofs are installed by professional roofing contractors to ensure they get the look and function that they want. It may not be as difficult for a handy person to lay field tile, but when it comes to installing the underlayment, battens, and flashings for valleys, chimneys, solar panels, and skylights and cutting the tiles along hips and valleys, it may become too much of a struggle for an amateur.  Your roof is one of the most (if not THE most) important parts of any home or building, so why take the risk? A poor installation job can be very expensive in the long-run, so if you are considering clay tile installation in San Jose, or need clay tile repaired at your home or business, give us a call today.

Clay Tile Maintenance & Repair

While clay tile is incredibly long-lasting and durable, all roofing systems require some maintenance and certain climates and regions have special issues that could affect it more than others. Under normal conditions, tile roofs require minimal maintenance. Generally with tile, the only maintenance needed would be to gutters, protrusion flashings, and venting. But, if you need clay roof maintenance or repair done in San Jose, or clay tile roofing installation is of interest to you, call the experts at Westshore Roofing today.

Clay Tile Profiles

1-piece claylite / san jose/ westshore


ClayLite Mission S Tile is designed specifically for the reroof market, weighing less than 600 pounds per square, and do not typically require structural reinforcement. ClayLite offers the superior performance, aesthetics, and kiln-fired color pallets with as much as 40% less weight.

1-piece claymax / san jose / westshore

Combining the superior lightweight features and benefits with modern low profile double-barrel tile aesthetics, ClayMax is ideal for reroofing or where weight, durability, and cost are key considerations.