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Solar Roofing Solutions for Your Home

It’s never been easier to start saving on your energy bills with solar power. Are you ready to minimize energy expenditures, reduce your carbon footprint, and become energy independent? Today’s modern and ever-evolving solar technology allows any home to have a high-quality solar panel system installed at a reasonable cost. Westshore Roofing Inc has years of experience working on roofs throughout San Jose. We’re here to assist you when you’re ready to go solar by discussing what types of solar panels are right for you. We’ll then professionally install them, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of solar energy in your home.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

There are nearly endless benefits of converting your roof to harness the power of the sun. Solar panels are a great way to make the most of your San Jose home. Some of our favorite benefits of installing solar panels include:

Lower Your Energy Bills

By harnessing the sun’s energy rather than drawing from the grid, solar roofs can considerably reduce the cost of your energy bills. Did you know that you may sell your unused power in addition to saving money on electricity? If your solar panels create more power than your home requires, you may sell the excess to the grid and profit from your investment. Additionally, many states provide homeowners with tax credits or refunds for converting to solar power.

Environmental Improvement

Solar is one of the cleanest types of energy available. Traditionally, the majority of the power delivered to your home originates from the use of fossil fuels, which emit hazardous pollutants when burnt. Solar energy minimizes your reliance on and use of fossil fuels, lowering your carbon footprint.

Low-Profile Design

Solar panels of the past are bulky and create an eyesore. Integrated solar roofing by Westshore Roofing keeps your roof looking clean and with a lower profile, all while still maintaining fantastic results. Enjoy all of the energy-saving advantages while keeping your home looking as lovely as ever. Integrated solar panels are meant to be installed directly on your roof’s tiles. They keep such a low profile that you won’t even be able to see them from the ground.

Increased Resale Value

Solar panels’ energy efficiency is being increasingly valued by homeowners. As a result, solar panels can raise the value of your property. Integrated solar panels especially have the advantage of being lower profile and not creating an eyesore on your roof, making them a better investment than normal solar panels as prospective buyers will be even more interested in your home.

Timberline Solar Shingles

Timberline Solar shingles are used instead of panels or hefty tiles. These tiles are water-resistant, durable, and can endure winds of up to 130 mph. They are incredibly low-profile to not disrupt your home’s design without sacrificing utility. There is a wide range of color options and sizes available to create a seamless solar solution for your San Jose home.

Why Ditch Traditional Solar Panels?

A common cause of roof leaks is debris building up on the surface of the roof, restricting the downward flow of water. This leads to water migrating under the roof shingles resulting in water intrusion into the interior of the home.

With a traditional rack-mounted solar array, foliage debris can easily be trapped between the solar panels and roof surface, so frequent roof cleaning and seasonal maintenance are recommended.

Dry combustible foliage sitting next to the electronics is a significant risk of causing a fire.

Due to the small space, debris removal can be very challenging. Often this requires the removal of panels themselves at a significant expense to the homeowner.

Let’s Get Started!

Is it time to install your new solar panels on your home? Contact Westshore Roofing! We have years of experience helping San Jose homeowners make the most of their roofing. Solar shingles are one of the latest and greatest developments in the world of solar energy. Call us today to learn more and start the investment of harnessing the clean power of the sun.

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