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Control Temperature Swings

Venting your attic helps to control extreme temperature swings by creating a balanced system. Of course, a vented attic is cooler on a hot day than an unvented attic. This mediation keeps your home naturally cooler in hot weather and helps conserve your air conditioner’s energy as it attempts to keep the home’s interior comfortable. Avoiding extreme attic heat will also help to extend the life of roofing material, such as shingles, shakes, or composite tile.

westshore roofing process

Natural Air Flow

Attic ventilation reduces the buildup of moisture inside the attic, which can damage your insulation, cause wood to rot, encourage mildew to build up, and can damage any items you have stored in the space. In cold weather, frost inside the attic from moisture buildup can melt and cause damage to insulation and ceilings inside your house. Maintaining proper ventilation keeps your attic dry and stable.

One method for removing the hot air from your attic is to install a Ridge Vent at the peak of your roof. Ridge vents are extremely low profile, following your natural roofline, and can even be designed to match your roofing material exactly. Ridge vents also utilize the natural flow of air and rising heat to keep your attic well-ventilated, so no power or moving parts are required.

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