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We Install and Maintain High-Quality Roofs

The roof is among the most noticeable elements of your home, so you want to ensure it looks attractive. But more than being aesthetically pleasing, you want it to be sturdy and reliable. Westshore Roofing, Inc. provides high-quality roofs for homeowners throughout Saratoga, CA and the surrounding area. We are proficient with all types of re-roofing projects. Whether you need complete roofing installation, roofing repairs, or minor maintenance, we are the team to call. Our contractors have been working on roofs in the region for nearly three decades, and we are eager to demonstrate our expertise. While we are at it, we can also perform gutter services and home improvement projects. Call us today to learn about our capabilities.

Our Team is Committed to Improving Your Home

While we made a name for ourselves because of our roofing prowess, we are much more than a roofing company. We can improve many aspects of your home. Our customers depend on us for gutter installation and maintenance as well as a host of home improvement specialties. Our past projects have included:

  • Roofing Services – There is no better team of roofing contractors than the one you will find at Westshore Roofing, Inc. We deliver outstanding results for whole-home re-roofing projects and repairs. Choose from roofing materials such as composition shingles and clay tiles.
  • Gutter Systems – An efficient gutter system is vital to protecting your foundation, siding, and landscaping. Our team can install complete gutter systems or provide gutter screens and gutter covers in Saratoga, CA.
  • Home Improvement – In addition to the benefits we can offer for your home’s exterior, we also complete home improvement projects that can enhance your comfort and lower your energy bills. Ask about skylights, solar panels, and attic insulation from Westshore Roofing, Inc.

Take Advantage of Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions

For your sake and in the interests of future generations, we encourage you to minimize your environmental footprint. We can help by providing green roofing solutions that enhance your home’s energy efficiency and protect the planet. Among our eco-friendly home improvement options are:

Why You Should Choose Westshore Roofing, Inc.

Westshore Roofing, Inc. has been serving homeowners in Saratoga, CA since 1992. In that time, we have earned a reputation for exceptional customer services and unrivaled roofing expertise. Our roof installers are efficient, and our services are affordable. We take pride in delivering 100% customer satisfaction with every project we complete, so we only use the best materials available. Allow us to re-roof your Saratoga, CA home. We are confident you will be pleased with our work.

Contact Westshore Roofing, Inc. Today

Having a reliable roof overhead is a luxury everyone deserves. However, wear and tear or inclement weather can cause yours to deteriorate. When you need to re-roof your home or want an expert to inspect your roof’s durability, the best team to call in Saratoga, CA is Westshore Roofing, Inc. We will arrange a time to complete a thorough inspection or create a plan to replace your existing roof. Contact us today for a free estimate.