Fire Retardant Cedar Wood Shake

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When roofing companies use the word shake, what they are referring to is a basic wooden shingle that traditionally is made from split logs, although modern times have broadened the term a little bit. Higher grade shakes are used to create long-lasting weather-resistant roofs with a rustic look to them. Fire-retardant Cedar Shake roofing systems offered in San Jose by Westshore Roofing do require a little more maintenance than some of our other roofing materials, due to wood’s permeability. But, they create a unique look that you can be proud of when showing off your San Jose home.

The two most common sizes of wood shake are
1. Medium grade, ½ average thickness
2. Heavy grade, ¾ average thickness

Not all wood shakes are of the same quality. At Westshore, we offer several grades of fire-retardant cedar shake roofing materials to San Jose customers, including:

1. Regular grade. Rough appearance, wood has lots of knots, many shakes are only 6-8” wide. (Not recommended).
2.“Select” grade. Most popular choice among our customers. Appearance is not as rough or irregular as the regular grade. Shakes are generally 85% edge grain. Shakes are wider than regular grade, making for a better quality roof installation.
3. Premium grade. These are the best quality. More uniform in thickness and appearance. Wood is clear heartwood, 100% edge grain with a wide cut. Wood of this quality is less likely to cup and curl.

Fire-Retardant Roofing

Warranty 30-50 year limited warranty.

Weight 3-4 lbs per sq ft.

Fire Rating Class A, B or C. Fire treated shakes provide enduring fire protection with a state of the art treatment process. Cedar shakes are placed in pressure treatment cylinders where fire retardants are injected into the inner cells of the wood. The material then goes into a polymerization process, and the fire retardants are locked into the wood. After 10 years of outdoor weathering and regular testing, the treatment has been deemed permanent.

Insulation Cedar’s unique cellular structure makes it an excellent insulator, keeping your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

To view some of Westshore Roofing’s projects in San Jose using cedar wood shake and other fire-retardant roofing materials, see the Project Gallery.