Metal Roofing

Durable Metal Roofing in San Jose

A Metal roof is an ideal choice for roofing in San Jose. Metal roofs are stronger and more durable than traditional asphalt shingle roofing. Metal roofing’s durability and stronger composition has made it a top choice for industrial, school and government buildings.

Metal roofing can stand up and endure the toughest weather including hail, sun exposure or wind. Metal roofing is superior quality to asphalt shingles and other types of traditional composition roofing products. Metal roofing will never deteriorate due to sun exposure. They can also withstand high winds and hail storms that will destroy composition roofing. residential metal roof/san jose/ westshore roofing To learn more about the benefits of metal roof installation in San Jose, call Westshore Roofing today and continue reading below.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Installing reflective metal roofing can save you up to nearly half of your home’s summer cooling energy costs. If you’re wanting to start saving on cooling energy costs during those California summers, call Westshore Roofing in San Jose. Metal Roof installation is one of our specialties.

Metal roofs have a multitude of different finishes you can choose from. Unpainted metal roofs reflect a lot more of the sun’s solar radiation than an asphalt roof does. While traditional asphalt roof absorbs more heat into your home. Pre-painted metal roofing reflects more of the sun’s heat and solar radiation while also re-emitting it outward cooling  your home. With a climate like San Jose’s, metal roof/san jose/westshore roofinga highly reflective, high-emission painted or a granular-coated type of metal roofing is the best choice for helping you reduce your home’s energy consumption. These types of metal roofing can  reflect up to 90% of absorbed solar radiation which reduces your energy costs and saves you money.

Many types of metal roofing are composed of recycled material and can be installed directly onto an existing asphalt roof. Using recycled metal roofing helps reduce landfill waste and promotes quick installation. A recycled metal roof provides decades of environmentally-sound, maintenance-free strength and beauty. To set up installation of a metal roof in the San Jose area, call Westshore Roofing today. We are ready to serve you.