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Synthetic Slate in San Jose

Natural slate roofs connote a special type of home. Natural slate is of course pulled from quarries and meticulously worked into usable shingles that are durable, waterproof, fireproof and eye-catching. But natural slate can also be brittle and therefore easily damaged by hail, debris and foot traffic. Slate shingles can vary in quality but are almost always some of the most expensive roofing materials on the market – so you may not get exactly what you paid for. Some shingles can be softer than others, or may become flaky and crumbly as time goes by, necessitating more frequent maintenance and replacement. If you’re looking for the high-end slate look without all the fuss in your San Jose home, synthetic slate roofing systems may be the perfect choice for you. Westshore Roofing is happy to offer Lamarite synthetic slate roofing system installation in San Jose.

We know that the main purpose of a slate roof is to truly enhance the beauty of your property and offer a high level of protection for your home with minimal maintenance and repair. But many San Jose customers requested the appearance of slate without the large price tag and inherent imperfections. That’s why Westshore Roofing suggests synthetic slate for those customers.

Lamarite Slate by TAMKO is made from innovative composite materials that are robust, fire resistant, and long-lasting while also providing that elegant slate look you’re looking for. Lamarite shingles are formed to the specific texture and contours of actual slate, creating authentic dimensions and beauty. There are four colors to choose from or you may create your own color combination to fit your home exactly.


Warranty 50 year limited warranty

Weight 450-lb approx weight per sq

Wind 90 mph

Fire Rating Class A

Walkability Very Good

For some examples of synthetic slate roofing system installation in San Jose, see our Project Gallery.