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Gutter Guards in San Jose, CA

Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

At Westshore Roofing, Inc., we prioritize our customers by putting your needs first. We provide the best roofing services in the area as our experts are highly trained and certified in any number of roofing services including roof repair, maintenance, and gutter guards.

As a homeowner, we understand how important protecting your home is. Our team helps to protect your home and your investment by providing you with gutter guards. When you reach out to our team for gutter services, we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with protecting the most vulnerable part of your home. Contact our team to get started today.

Gutter Guards in San Jose, CABenefits of Installing Gutter Guards in San Jose

Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards in San Jose

When you choose to install gutter guards on your San Jose property, you are setting you and your property up for maximum benefits. If you’re trying to find a way that you can protect your home, save precious time, and cut down on gutter and roofing maintenance, you’ll see that installing gutter guards is completely worth it. Additionally, at Westshore Roofing, Inc., we provide many options and styles to best suit your needs and budget.

Gutter guards benefit your property by reducing gutter cleaning, protecting the home, helping with pest control, and providing fire protection.


Gutter Guards Reduce the Need for Gutter Cleaning

The first benefit and the reason why most people get gutter guards is to reduce the need for gutter cleaning. A gutter guard acts as a natural filter for blocking leaves and other large debris that can clog your gutter. This will reduce the need and frequency of gutter cleaning. This ends up saving you quite a bit of money, as gutter cleaning costs can sit at around $150 each time, leaving you with an additional $300 to add to your budget with bi-annual cleanings.

We offer two types of gutter guards; one is a mesh guard that can be easily cleaned and removed by the property owner. The other option is a more permanent gutter guard that must be cleaned by professionals. If your home or business is multiple stories, we strongly recommend hiring professionals, as cleaning gutters on tall buildings can be a dangerous job only performed by professionals. Even if you hire a professional gutter cleaner, you will still be saving a great amount of money. With gutter guards, you may need professional cleaning only once a year or even once every couple of years.

Gutter Guards Protect the Home

One of the biggest problems with a clogged gutter is the risk it poses to your home. Gutters are placed on buildings to direct excess water away from the roof and other parts of the home that are susceptible to water damage. If water can’t properly flow through the gutter because of debris sticking in the gutter, water can build up in the susceptible spots causing major damage.

A clogged gutter results in the following risks:

  • Water pooling at your home or business’ base, which can cause foundation damage and leaking issues.
  • Water spilling onto the roof, which can cause damage to the roof, resulting in water leaking into your home.
  • Water pooling against the fascia board, which is the board that rests between the side of the home and the gutter. When the fascia board is exposed to water for long periods of time, it can cause disintegration which causes damage to the roof and surrounding area.

These issues can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs. By installing a gutter guard, you protect your home from serious damage caused by pooling water.

Gutter Guards Help With Pest Control

Gutters also provide a spot for pests to find shelter. This leads to blockage and can cause damage to your home either from pest droppings or water buildup. Adding a gutter guard effectively adds a wall been snakes, birds, and rodents from making your gutter their new home. Additionally, when a gutter gets clogged, the warm damp environment can be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can create an annoying and unhealthy mosquito problem in your home.

Gutter Guards Offer Fire Protection

Lastly, one of our big benefits that we like to promote, especially here in San Jose, is fire protection. For homes in San Jose—a wildfire-prone area—fire protection is crucial. Our team at Westshore Roofing, Inc. provides sturdy metal gutters and gutter guards that are much less combustible than plastic or vinyl alternatives. When your gutter is protected by a gutter guard, debris such as twigs and dried leaves don’t get clogged. When this debris is clogged in your gutter, it is the perfect kindling for a wildfire. Additionally, your gutter is right next to your roof, which is the most susceptible part of the home during a fire. Protect your home with the best gutter guards from Westshore Roofing, Inc.

Contact Westshore Roofing, Inc. to Start Saving

When you choose Westshore Roofing, Inc., you’re choosing the best roofing contractor in San Jose, CA. Our roofing experts will provide you with all of the crucial details needed before deciding to install gutter guards for your home. We provide top quality services and products at a competitive rate, so you know that you’re getting the most for your hard-earned money. Our comprehensive services include:

Contact our team to get started with your gutter guard installation today. If you’re seeking services outside of San Jose, no worries! You can find a full list of our service areas here. We can’t wait to help you protect your home.